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Homehub slow wifi

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Hi all,


I just got Infinity today, and when I tested I was getting 6 meg down/8 meg up. Disappointing since it was predicted 29 meg down. Anyway, after a few hours decided to use a cat5 cable to test, and I get 36 meg on that, so my question is whats happening with the wireless signal? i've tested the wireless on two machines, so I don't think it's a pc issue.

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Re: Homehub slow wifi

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Hi and welcome,


I wonder if your using wireless "g"? To get the full benefit from the Infinity speeds you need wireless "n".


It's easy to upgrade you just pop a wireless "n" adapter into a spare USB port.

A couple of examples that I use.... First and Second . I use two types First and Second.


I put some more info in THIS THREAD on identifying your wireless type.


And some more info HERE about making sure your HH3 is transmitting on a clear or least congested channel.


Wireless "g" 54Mbps and wireless "n" > 65/72/144Mbps speeds.-


wireless g-2.jpgWireless n - 2.jpg


The BT Home Hub 2.0 and BT Home Hub 3 use "802.11n" or "11n" wireless technology. This wireless 'N' technology delivers a stronger signal, meaning it's more reliable and you can get online further away from your Hub. Older routers use "802.11g"

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Re: Homehub slow wifi

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Thanks for your help with this, and sorry for not getting back sooner.


I think the primary issue was the channel that was being selected. I changed it to 11 manually, and that helped the wireless no end. I can now connect on this laptop at 30 Mb or so (from 37 Mb line speed). My desktop PC was being choked by a non wireless n dongle, and I was getting 7 Mb there. I didn't think not being wireless n would have made such a difference. Luckily I have a powerline network running, so used that for my PC.


Thanks again,



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