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Homeplugs for extension replacement.

Hi sorry to all

I have a master ADSL nation filtered face plate in living room hard wired into it is a extension ADSL nation box using cw1308 running directly up into the bedroom. Few on here said line banded or unstable so tonight I brought homeplugs to replace the wire and extension on my master.

Can this be done as I have 2 tp link Ethernet plugs?

Thank you so much
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Re: Homeplugs for extension replacement.

Yes it can be done but it still could be a while before DLM relents and releases the banding.

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Re: Homeplugs for extension replacement.

Please how can this be done I tried last night and couldn't get no internet on Bt infinity.

I have a tp link 9980 and 2 ethernet tp links av600.

Master has filtered face plate 1 side ADSL and 1 side for landline, linked to bedroom where router is with ADSL faceplate 1 side ADSL and 1 side landline.
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Re: Homeplugs for extension replacement.

You can't use homeplugs to replace the cw1308 cable. They can only be used for ethernet.


You could locate the router downstairs by the master socket & then use the homeplugs to run ethernet upstairs though.


The cw1308 cable from the filtered side of the master socket downstairs should connect directly to the router upstairs not another filtered faceplate.