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Hopefully not the start of a saga!!

Most of the time I'm quite happy with BT but I do tend to dread when anything goes wrong as the tale of woe around negotiating customer services always seems to spin out.

Yesterday at about 12:20pm our broadband just dropped. So, having tried resets to the Home Hub I dialled the broadband fault line. Friendly guy there checked and said looks like an exchange problem. Said he's raise it to engineers.

So, nearly 24 hours goes by and I get a call from a lady who said should be working now. Wasn't. Tried restart and reset but to no avail. She said it was fixes for most customers. Seemingly I'm not most. Said she'd pass it to engineers and I'd get a call between 5pm and 8pm???

After that call. Broadband came back on. Great I thought. Went off again 5 minutes later. Called the helpline to explain the tale and it was like starting again. Now I've been promised a call after "4 hours" and was assured the work on the exchange would complete this afternoon.

We shall see. The last time we had this we were without a phone for days and we were eventually connected with cross wires so someone else's phone rang here and vice versa. Hopefully this will get resolve quicker.

I presume there is a compensation scale for failed service provision. Happy to pay for a service that's working, not or one that's not!!
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Re: Hopefully not the start of a saga!!

Well, fears are getting realised. Having got no call by 4pm (surprise surprise) I rang BT again and we did the usual restart the router line test game. After that the guy (Saresh I think) told me the work had 'concluded'. So I asked why I had no connection and no call as as drew to the close of day 2. After all the usual apologies we enteed another phase.

He asked me to disconnect the router, take it to the main socket, unscrew it, find a test socket, plug it back in etc etc. I asked why when the Internet has worked for the last 10 years where it was, I was now being asked to do this and said it was ludicrous. Having unplugged all the cables he said oh don't do it then!!!! Quite why we need this fiasco when what has clearly happened is that work at the exchange seems to have resulted in the right wires not being connected up again is beyond me. Particularly as they seemed to get it working again for all of 5 minutes this morning. He then asked if I was happy with his service!!!!

After speaking to a supervisor I again got all the promises of calls tomorrow at 3pm, filling me with dread as it seems re-connecting the right wire is going to take at least three days, and was told don't worry, all will be fine!!!!! Being reliant on broadband I remain less than convinced!!

As I said. BT tends to be fine when all is working. As soon as it's not the nightmare begins and ridiculously easy tasks like plugging the right wire back in seem to take a lifetime to resolve.

Would I recommend BT to someone the survey asks, when it works yes. When you get problems NO WAY!!!! Total in incompetence from the idiot that crossed the wires to the offshore customer services that fail to deliver or fix it.
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Re: Hopefully not the start of a saga!!

So, we now enter day 3 of what should seemingly be trying to get a wire that was disconnected at the exchange connected again. Easy enough task you would have thought but I'm sure BT will manage to make a major military exercise out of it while factoring in calls (if they ever come) from the customer services suggesting. I rewire the house to rectify BTs screw up at the exchange.

Unbelievable really, unbelievable!! Thankfully I am out of contract now so will look elsewhere!
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