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Hoping for mod help with a nightmare order.

I’ve been a BT FTTC customer since December 2019, very happy with the service.

I ordered BT TV at the start of June for it to be delivered and start on 31st July, I was advised that I’d have to renew my Fibre broadband for 24 months which was fine.


I was able to end my contract with Sky earlier than expected and so brought the TV start date to 26th June.


There is however, still an open order on my account for Broadband and Phone to start on 31st July.  I’ve called BT and they just say I have to wait but my problem is twofold.


I can’t even see my TV package online or make any changes and I don’t want my new contract to start on 31st July when it should start on 26th June.


In addition to this my phone now doesn’t work properly as caller display doesn’t work.


Is there anything the mods can do to help out with this please.

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Re: Hoping for mod help with a nightmare order.

Hi @SaltedCaramel welcome to the forum and sorry that you were unable to get your connection date brought forward. The orders team should have been able to change this when you called if it was possible so we may not be able to do anything but we'll be happy to check. I've sent you a Private Message with details on how to contact the Mod team and we'll be happy to see what we can do for you,



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