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Horrendous latency

Hi all


Im getting massive latency in world of warcraft and have been for some time.At times this makes the game completly unplayable.It appears to get better during off peak hours(after around 1 am)but even then im suffering disconnects.


I came across the following thread that appears to be the exact same cause as my issue here.


I never used to suffer with connection problems until the latest expansion was released for wow around october.From what i've read on both the wow forums and the forums here it would appear that wow has changed the way the game communicates with the wow servers.Thay have apparently moved this to p2p in order to try and lighten thier loads i would assume.This would appear then to be picked up by bt as p2p traffic and then appears to be restricted and slowed.It seems that neither party here wants to accept responsibility for resolving the issue.Blizzard say it is the fault of the isp and from what i've read here it looks like BT dont want to accept responsibility either


I took a speed test from this evening when suffering from an in game latency of around 3k and my speed test showed i had a 15meg connection.When running a trace to the wow servers i dont have any indvidual response times from any node above 55ms.Most are below 30ms


I would like to point the following thread and statements from virgin media in BT's direction .Is there any plans on BT's behalf to look into this issue and resolve it like VM have?


Having phoned tech support india regarding this matter numerous times only to have some one who speaks to me nicely but seems to have absoultly no idea what im talking about is frustrating to say the least.The ammount of times i've been told it is either my computer or there is nothing they could do is unreal.Tech support have now agreed to try turning my interleeving off after informing me it was turned on which somewhat surprised me as i thought it was off at my request from a few years ago.In order to actually get someone from tech support india to look at this and take it seriously has been nothing short of a mare.


I cant for the life of me fathom why im still with bt.They continually seem to ignore what customers are saying about one of the most fundamental parts of thier service(support).I've had the unfortunate luck of having to deal with them on numerous occasions since joining bt around 5 years ago.I personally have made several complaints and seen a lot of complaints posted here regarding them.It really appears to me that bt's customers view tech support india as a complete joke.What i find even more astouding is that BT dont appear to care at the perception it's customer base have of them.Tech suppot in my opinoin was a mare when i joined BT 5 years ago and nothing has improved.It still takes a lot of jumoing through hoops and getting angry to the point where only a manager will do to get somebody to even take issues seriously.


When are BT going to learn that support and how it is handled MATTERS!!


Sorry for my little rant at the end there but im a little peeved at having paid a subscription for bband and a game that i cant use very frustrating.Espically as it is the main reason i have bband







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