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Hotspots down my street

I have mutliple hotspots on my street where i can attempt to connect and use my free wifi, however not one of the hotspots on my road works is there nothing you can do to sort this out?


and also another thing is that why are all the hotspots the same name. i pickup 3 different signals BTFON BTOpenzone and BTOpenzone-H, however there are atleast 3-5 routers all using the hotspot feature which makes connecting impossible as windows will keep switching to the one with the strongest signal, but none of them work anyways, i think i spent over 6hours waiting for a connection on all the hotspots in my area only for it to connect get online then disconnect and no internet again.


Is there anything you can do to fix these hotspots? and sort out this silly connectivity problem. all these hotspots close together with the same name is completely silly.

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Re: Hotspots down my street

This is a customer to customer forum with limited input from BT.


Wifi points have a limited range, and it's unlikely that you would be able to connect to many from your home even if there are several others in the same street. (From my armchair my laptop identifies 15 networks with 4 Fon hotspots, but I can only connect to my own, all the other signals being too weak.) But as you have to be a BT broadband customer to get free connection to Fon/Openzone, why do you need a hotspot in your own street?  

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Re: Hotspots down my street

Have you seen the BT help pages here


It unlikely that none of them work, occasionally I come across one, but most of the others work first time on my Android phone with the BT FON app.


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