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House move problems

My elderly mother is in despair. She moved house in November from London to the midlands. Her London phone line was cut off prematurely in October but she managed to get it reconnected within a day. On moving to her new home, she had a BT line put in (as it was a new build) and all went well. Until last week when her bill showed she was still being charged rental on the old line in London (which she'd cancelled last November) as well as her current phone line in her new house. She contacted the call centre to ask for the 'old' line to be removed from her account. Later that evening we couldn't contact her - her 'new' phone line had been cut off as well as the old one. She spent another hour on her mobile to the call centre asking for her current phone line to be reconnected. No one seemed able to help. Eventually she was told that her phone line could be set up again but there was no guarantee she would get her existing phone number back, it would require a new hub (broadband was cut off too) and engineer, and take at least a week. She is so upset - moving was traumatic enough without having to contact everyone again to tell them that her phone number has changed after only 3 months - purely because of an error by BT. Can anyone advise me how to resolve this ?
Does anyone know why an established phone number can't simply be reconnected ? Has anyone else had this experience when moving house ?

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Re: House move problems

Hi Trc


Welcome to the forum. Sorry to read of the experience your Mother has had since her Home Move.


I can have this investigated for you. Send us an email by filling out the Contact the Mods link in my profile you will find this link in the section 'About Me'.





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