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House move - why so long to provide the service???

On 8th of Jan with a house move confirmed for 14th I rang BT to arrange ceasing line to old property, and enabling phone and BB at new one. It was short notice, but we didn't actually even exchange contracts until the 12th, so it was the best we could do - and the BT web site says 'just give us 5 working days'.


The new property had 2 active lines, each providing phone and BB, so should be a simple move to switch us across they said. Might not be active on 14th, more likely the 19th, but plug in your hub, and when you get the usual green lights your line will be active. Even gave us our new number which we emailed to friends and businesses. So far so good.


Plugged in the kit on 15th - all green, broadband works, phone works. Result! Then I get two almost totally incomprehensible calls from a guy at BT querying a couple of points - fair enough, but then he says that the service won't be active on the 19th as planned - it will be 26th, and that will be provisional.


Oh, and by the way, the new number that you've just told everyone about will now be a different one - and even that's provisional!Turns out that the line I'm using is still linked to the outgoing householder.


So, here I am, with a working phone and broadband service. To enable my service, the BT solution is to disconnect me from tomorrow (19th), and leave me dead in the water until 26th - at least!!!


I guess we can get by on mobiles for voice, but my M-I-L (85) has dementia, and the landline is a major link between her and my wife - not to mention Social Services, GP, and other carers. 


Now bear in mind I need no engineer up a pole, or down a hole, no new internal or external cabling, no new sockets, no new handsets, no new hub, ADSL filters or anything else. In this day and age with a modern, high-tech company like BT, surely ALL I need is for someone somewhere at BT to perform a few mouse clicks and I'll be on the air,? Or am I missing something??   :o(



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Re: House move - why so long to provide the service???

If BT have an order on a line which is being cancelled, the cancellation will take priority, cancelling out the transfer order. To sum up the people who moved out have cancelled their line, which is why BT have to wait on the line stopping first before their order can be booked. Only then can they place their order which explains the extra delay and the reason why you are left without a phone service. It may be possible, depending on what way the line was cancelled,  to fast track the order in 3 working days (it is possible) however this can mess up the backend systems. If the line is just stopped the number should be the same as before, if disconnected from the exchange, or the old homeowner have requested their number to be transferred then that might explain a new number for you

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