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House move

I’ve just moved into a new build property that has BT broadband all set up - I really do not want to be with BT due to previous past experiences - I’ve spoken to a couple of providers who say that the BT line is a restricted line ??? Help !!! I do not want to ribg a non uk call centre - I cannot think that BT can hold the monopoly on this line - surely not ?? 

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Re: House move

It sounds  as though you have FTTP installed which Sky, Tal Talk etc have not yet decided to sell as yet. No need to call offshore give this number a ring tomorrow for  UK FTTP sales. 0800 587 4787.

Forgot this to show FTTP connection.


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Re: House move


Does it look similar to this?


This is an FTTP installation as @pippincp  describes.

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Re: House move

I updated my post as you made yours. Yours is better though!😁

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Re: House move

Strange to post on the community forum for BT customers if you are not or don’t want to be a customer of BT, but anyway, the providers you have spoken to apparently don’t know what they are talking about, there are no restrictions, you don’t have to use BT at all, if there is equipment fitted already chances are it says Openreach on it, not BT.

Any ISP that wants to use a Openreach FTTP ( presumably this is what you have in the property ) can use it, if you have a list of ISP’s that you would consider using but none of those want to offer service over OR FTTP, then that is entirely their  choice, they could if they wanted too, obviously they have decided that for whatever reason not to offer access via it.
There are several other ISP’s that offer service over OR FTTP, not just BT, but fair to say don’t expect any ‘stack them high and sell them cheap’ budget ISP’s in the list of providers that do...a simple search will show these alternative ISP’s

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Re: House move

I believe there are some properties with restrictions, where the developer has made an exclusive agreement with BT Retail which may last a couple of years, as I am sure this has been mentioned before on this forum.

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Re: House move

@Keith_Beddoe Commonly used for FTTC connections where BT agree to pay for installation of the cab in exchange for 12/18mths exclusivity. Not so much FTTP unless less than50 houses on new build.

As Openreach have now introduced Fibre First it will be unheard of in the future.

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Re: House move

BT Consumer doesn’t  ( and would never be allowed to ) do sweetheart deals with OR, and OR have to allow open access to any company that wants to use their products , it’s a bit of an urban myth that there was ever any requirement to use ‘BT’ in the first instance, this myth probably came from developers using inaccurate language to their purchasers , you can see how saying ‘the property comes with fibre from BT’ instead of ,more accurately, ‘the property comes with fibre from Openreach’.
Even on community funded projects and BDUK , the ‘deal’ is with Openreach , not BT, so the undertakings OR gave to Ofcom apply, in fact if there ever was an exclusive deal between BTand OR the industry **** storm that would follow would be hard to miss.
Other network providers do exclusive deals , ( Persimmon Homes for one ) where the only access is to their in house FTTP system , and purchasers have no ‘landline’ choice at all, the only competition from mobile, same as Vodafone , TT ( in York) and others, they are under no obligation to offer wholesale access , and where they do, the ISP’s available are usually linked to the network provider.

If any links to something irrefutable can be provided of any exclusivity with BT Consumer , I’d love to see it, but apart from anecdotal posts from people who were told stomething from ISP’s with a vested interest, I doubt any exist

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Re: House move

Nobody in this tread has mentioned a "sweetheart deal"  between BT & Openreach.

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Re: House move

See the post before mine
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