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House refurbishment - Cat 6 routing and termination


I am having a house refurbishment including installing Cat 6 cabling in all the rooms (dual module faceplates). I have also ordered BT FTTP (max 900Mb), for January 2021, meaning that the internal works will already have been completed prior to the engineer's arrival.

I can get my builder to route a length of flexible conduit through the walls and under the flooring (with a piece of string or old cable inside) ready for the BT engineer to pull the new fibre cable through to wherever the ONT needs to be.

The issue is that I cannot decide where to terminate all the cables. My office is in the front, small bedroom upstairs. I have three options:

1) Have everything terminate into the bedroom - ONT, router, patch panel and switch.

2) ONT and router in the bedroom. Patch panel and switch in the cupboard under the stairs so all the cables terminate there too. A longer Cat 6 cable will be required to hook up the router to the PP and switch (allow 6m).

3) Only the router in the bedroom. ONT, patch panel and switch under the stairs. Not sure if this is advisable given that the router will not be next to the ONT. Will the ~6m cable needed make a huge difference? Do they both have to be together?

With option 3 I guess the router could, in theory, be anywhere in the house as long as it's next to an RJ45 socket, correct?

Originally I wanted a simple solution (without the need for a patch panel) but thinking more into it, maybe I should do this 'properly' as I only get one chance.

Thanks for any advice in advanced.

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Re: House refurbishment - Cat 6 routing and termination

A few points.

ONT and router don't have to be co-located, they can be connected by up to 100M of Ethernet cable. I suggest you site the ONT as close to the entry point of the external fibre cable as possible. Other than that, whatever is best for you.

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Re: House refurbishment - Cat 6 routing and termination

Thank you for your reply! I will try option 2 if there’s enough space under the stairs. Need to look for the smallest cabinet for a patch panel and switch. Most I see are so deep..

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