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House sale - no new address

We have sold our property but as of yet don't have a new one to purchase or rent.

What will our options be with out BT account? We are still in the initial contract period but with having no where to go I'm not sure what is going to happen?

Will we be able to put our account on hold, or cancel our account? 

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Re: House sale - no new address

You probably will have to pay early termination provider will put your account into abeyance waiting for you to resume service elsewhere , if you knew you were likely to be moving out it probably wasn’t a good idea to start or renew with minimum term.

If you don’t advise your provider,( hoping to continue to pay monthly even though you won’t be able to use the service )  there is every change that whoever moves into the property you are moving out of, will apply for service themselves, this will automatically close your account ( if you haven’t moved it somewhere else ) if , for some reason they don’t use an Openreach provider , then you may be able to postpone the inevitable, but would you want others using a service you are paying for ?


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Re: House sale - no new address

Unfortunatly things change when minimum terms are 18 months long... 

Thanks for the advice. I will contact customer services and see what happens. 

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