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How Do I Cancel Mobile Data Add-on?

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I have looked, and I have better looked, but I cannot find out how to successfully cancel a Data Add-on before it renews.

I see people have complained about this numerous times over the years but the answer seems to be a well kept secret. Can an Admin please help me?

Thank you,


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Re: How Do I Cancel Mobile Data Add-on?

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Hi @TimEdwards1 sorry that you are unable to cancel a Data add on. To cancel this you would be best to chat with the BT Mobile Chat Team and they will be able to sort this for you.


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Re: How Do I Cancel Mobile Data Add-on?

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Having discussed with the Webchat function (not sure if it was a human or a 'bot), it appears I have initiated the cancellation process already. I hope the below helps anyone in the same position as I.

Basically, if you wish to cancel a Data Add-on for a Mobile you have to initially go through the same process as if you are going to buy an Add-on.

Go to Manage Add-ons and make sure you select the correct Mobile if you have more than one on your plan, follow the instructions. When you get to the point where you are presented with a list of different Add-ons (500mb, 1GB, 10GB etc) you should note that the size Add-on you had purchased isn't listed. Scroll to the end where you should see 'Delete this Add-on'. This is the bit that throws you because you cannot select your size plan, it isn't there to select. Just click on 'Delete...'and 'Continue'. Follow the rest of the instructions to 'complete' your order which in effect is a cancellation.

This will show on 'Order Tracking' as 'Pending' , if not then try again.

The Webchat person/'bot assured me that two days before my next billing date I will receive an e-mail which will confirm the Add-on has been cancelled. I have copy/pasted my 'chat' for piece of mind and will be watching my bill like a hawk.

BT, you do not make it easy for anyone to understand this process and seeing as this should be a benefit to your customers who require temporary additional data for any number of reasons, it feels as if it is being done on purpose. I doubt it is actually, more a case of nobody capable/bothered to fix it. In the meantime you get disgruntled customers who give your customer service a bad name and waste the time of you staff/'bots. This same complaint has appeared on this forum for years.


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Re: How Do I Cancel Mobile Data Add-on?

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Hi JohnC2,

I've spent approximately 80 minutes today trying to cancel a mobile data add on which I only asked for due to a fault on my line leaving me without a landline and subsequently no broadband and without Tim Edwards1 post I'd probably still be trying to work it out now!

Now here's the rub I've worked for BT/Openreach for 40 years and found it absolutely appalling that there are posts about this issue dating back to beyond 2018, the words we like to use about our service I believe are Personal, Brilliant & Simple well I suggest that somebody looks at this process again because I found it Plain, Bad & Stressfull!

Can't wait for the next "Big Bold Plan".

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Re: How Do I Cancel Mobile Data Add-on?

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This cannot actually be done by the online chat team ....  BT deliberately making it difficult? Never.

(And when you try to do it over the phone the average waiting time is (in their words) 20 -30 minutes)

(The only thing that saves BT is that everyone else is just as bad/worse - unless of course someone can tell me otherwise)

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