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How Does SmartTalk Work Overseas?

This question has been posed a number of times on the forum, so I thought I'd carry out a mini-survey over the last couple of weeks visitng almost all the major cities on the Baltic from Copenhagen to St Petersburg. I'm shortly off out to take my last dose of Russian beer before flying home tomorrow and it's time to post the results.


Phoning home by SmartTalk was a doddle in every city hotel with a decent wifi and broadband connections except Riga, where all I could get was the number unobtainable tone. May have been a transient issue, I didn't have time to find out. SmartTalk failed elsewhere when the connections were slow, mainly on trains and ferries and one hotel.


In short, the conclusion is pretty much as I would have expected - that SmartTalk works fine overseas if you have good connections just as it does in the UK.

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Re: How Does SmartTalk Work Overseas?

Thanks PP


from our smarttalk reporter overseas  thumbs up smiley.gif

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