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How can I get BT to honour a contract?

Hi, apologies if I'm posting in the wrong place but there doesn't seem to be a 'general enquiry' section?


Anyway, having been a loyal customer since 2006, in June 2008 I received an e-mail offering me a discount and choice of free gift if I renewed my Broadband contract for 12 months and on top of that, a free Hub V2 if I renewed for 18 months.  Being generally satisfied with the service I accepted and followed their links and signed up.  I chose a free MP3 player as I was going on a long flight later that year and decided even though I dont really need the HUB it would come in handy if anything should go wrong with the existing HUB V1 and duly signed up for 18 months.


July 1st 2008 I received a thank you from BT for renewing e-mail with confirmation that my Samsung MP3 player should be delivered by 8th July 2008.  It also stated I should allow 28 days.  So I waited and waited, nothing.  Sometime in August 2008 I started chasing it up.  After being sent from pillar to post and back & forth as nobody knew a thing I finally got some satisfaction when a lady from some unknown BT section promised she would deal with this matter and send me e-mail confirmation within a couple of days.  About a week later I finally received the following e-mail


[quote]Dear Mr xxxxxx,

Thank you for your patience regarding the delivery of the free MP3 Player.

Should you still have not recieved the product, please can you contact 0800 48 48 44 option 3 option 2 to speak to the relevant department direct.

Kind regards

Gemma xxxxxxx[/quote]


What followed is a bit of a blur to be honest.  Sometime between then and now I did receive the HUB V2.  I did call the above number which was totally useless as I recall being redirected to the main BT options area.  Somewhere along the line I did recieve an order? number for the MP3 player but it seemed the only person who knew about this number was the person who gave it to me.  Anyway, my long flight came and went and I no longer had any use for this missing mp3 player and decided it really wasn't worth all the hassle of trying to chase it up.


Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago and somebody from BT called me about renewing my contract haha.  I told him I had no interest in renewing until BT honoured the previous contract just hoping he might offer me some sort of compensation package on top of a discount.  Obviously he had no idea what I was on about and that was that.  I left it as happy to continue for the time being knowing I can end services any damned time I like.  Well my happiness just ended today when I checked my online banking and discovered I've been overcharged (i'm being polite here) by about £30 (presumedly for this disgraceful one-off alignment charge I've been reading about since).


Well enough's enough and it's time BT did honour their contract!  I've tried the calling BT route and failed miserably.  Any advice would be most appreciative.


PS Sorry my post is so long and despite any signs of anger in my post please be assured it's nothing personal towards any of the helpful staff here 🙂



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Re: How can I get BT to honour a contract?

Hi Grumpy_MoFo,


Thank you for posting. Having read you post, I do think it will be unlikely that we will be able to get you this MP3 player. This is due to the length of time that has pass from this was on offer. I would still like to look into this for you. Please could you email with you BT account detail, please also include a link to this thread.


I will look into this and reply to you directly.






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Re: How can I get BT to honour a contract?

Credit where it's due.

I'm happy to say this has now been resolved. Shame on BT's phone staff for not being able to resolve this but full credit to the forum moderation team. Thank you.
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