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How difficult does it have to be????

Trying to find out why my sister-in-laws phone line has incoming calls only, getting no-where.

I have tried trouble shooting, fault finding etc.  

Finally got the contact number from a friend (because I couldn't find it on the website) only to be told by a machine that they wont talk to me because I'm not the account holder. What if she is unable to get to a public phone to report the fault. 


I have had so many problems with BT in the past I am seriously considering telling them where to go........

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Re: How difficult does it have to be????

Usually it means there is a block on the account... Maybe an unpaid bill... or if they believe the phone line has/is being used for "fraudulent purposes"


For data protection reasons BT will ONLY speak to the account holder!


Suggest your sister-in-law finds away to contact BT, or write to BT herself.


Address for correspondence can be found on her latest bill.


Hope this helps.

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Re: How difficult does it have to be????

If your sister gives you the account number and permission to call on her behalf then BT will try to fix the fault or explain that the block is due to a billing issue, but they won't discuss exactly how much is owed with you or the breakdown of the bill. I would say it's definitely going to be some kind of billing issue, the only other time OCB would be added to a line is if the customer requested it, or if there was very good reason to believe the line was being used fraudulently.


edit: the number to call by the way would be 0800800150 or if you're calling from a mobile 03301234150. You can get through to the billing team by choosing option 2 from the first menu, and then option 2 again from the second one.

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