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How do I find out when our exchange will be upgraded?

Our exchange is very small (around 35O lines) and we are a long way from it - 4km.  At the very best - early in the morning - we can get 1.5mb download and 0.35mb upload.  By the time everyone else is on it in the evenings it doesn't really work at all - so slow you can't check the speeds.  Have done all we can locally, am a county broadband champion, but seems impossible to find out when the BT exchange will be upgraded.  Suspect we are too rural and will be in the 10% not covered by the Government's weedy promise of 2015.  Such a missed opportunity - as better broadband would be a fantastic boost to rural economies and save fuel. Anyone know how a) you can find out the plans and b) what's the best way to lobby?



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Re: How do I find out when our exchange will be upgraded?



Your exchange is probably ADSLMax enabled giving your speeds of up to 8mb. The upgrade your probably talking about is the upgrade to BTw's 21cn network which enables ADSL2+ at your exchange. ADSL2+ is upto 20mb.


You can check if your exchange is going to be upgraded here:


However if you have a long line then a good stable line on ADSLMax may not be a good stable line on ADSL2+ as ADSL2+ is more aggressive to any noise on your line.


Once BTW and Openreach have upgraded your exchange it can take days/weeks/months till your line is upgraded to ADSL2+ as they are manual transferred to the new equipment in the exchange in batches.


If your on a ling line then you might be moved to BTw's 21cn network but kept on ADSLMax.


If your able to supply your ADSL Line Statistics and a BT speedtest we might be able to tell you if you will benefit from ADSL2+.


1) ADSL Line Stats Help

If you have a BT Home Hub like the one below...



1) Go to or http://bthomehub.home

2) click Settings

3) Click Advanced Settings

4) Click Broadband

5) Click Connection or sometimes called ADSL (see picture Below)


The direct Address is http://bthomehub.home/index.cgi?active_page=9116 (for bthomehub3)


2) can your post your BT Speedtest results by using (not beta version) [best done with a wired connection ie Ethernet]




jac_95 | Help Site | BT Service Status
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