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How do I get BT to connect a line

On 28th October I received confirmation from BT that a connection would be made to my new house on 1st December with phone, broadband and calling package.  A number was allocated.  The line was not connected on December 1st and following discussion with the order department was assured the phone line was operative from 20th December and a new number allocated.  This new number rings at the exchange.


On 11th January I discovered the line box connection had not been made and reported as a fault to BT as there was no other mechanism to track my original order.  Two engineers arrived on Saturday 14th and realised that no line had been connected, despite me having made that clear on 11th January.   Despite a number of conversations with BT faults nobody wants to take responsibility for getting my line connected.


Does anybody know where in BT I can talk with somebody who will resolve my problem.   We are due to move in to our new house on 24th January.


I would add that BT have been very good at submitting bills and taking payment for my non service.


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Re: How do I get BT to connect a line

try contacting the mods for assistance

complete the link but I have flagged you problem so they may contact you sooner

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Re: How do I get BT to connect a line

Thank you - will try
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