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How do I go about cancelling my BT contract due to BT not providing me service?

I joined BT in December 2012 when I moved home. I have had to move again and gave a weeks notice that I would like my service transferred to my new address, was told that my services will stop the night before my move and that my phone service at the new address will become effective by midnight the day I move and that an engineer would be sent out to re-install my infinity broadband but this was the start of frustration for me. My phone line did n ot work, there was no TV for the children and no internet access. I made calls from my mobile with the hope of resolving this immediately but was passed from pillar to post, told to perform some magic on a 'dead phone line' as it appears they found it difficult understanding what my call was about.


managed to speak with a lady few days aftwerwards who promised heaven, stating my phone line would start working midnight the day I spoke with her but this was not the case and then I had to call again to explain and express my frustration. Spoke with a guy who apologised and said my phone line would start working midninght but this did not happen until very late the next day so this meant we were in the new house without phone, tv and broadband...the children must have been pleased. Anyway i have made millions of calls to BT trying to resolve this. An engineer was called out to fix the problem and my husband had to take time off work which meant loss of income for 'a problem not fixed' as the Engineer disgracefully sadid he had only been told to fix the broadband but his visit made things worse, or was it a 'coincidence' as my phone line now went DEAD!!! for several days, with yet more calls made to BT without any joy. wrtitten to the CEO without any response.


I must have asked and spoken to about 20 staff but all with empty promises and most did not appear to be helpful. I was promised call backs at times which seldom happens but all giving and cancelling appointment dates. We have now being inb this house for 3 weeks and 3 days and I have had enough and would like to cancel my contract as BT as they are definitely in breach of the contract as I have had to take time of work (I am a Nurse) to wait at home for their 'Invisible Engineers' and now I have no more patience as the children can't really surf the internet as the 'free WiFi given cuts out every now and then and my daughter who is applying to the Universities is getting frustrated every day and this is taking its toll on us. I am now at home today 9/9/13 and waiting for an Engineer to turn uo between 1-6pm to fix this probelm. Plkease tell me, do I have enough grounds to 'Finish off with BT if this guy does not turn up today? I feel like I am living in the 3rd world country with no TV and proper internet for 3 weeks', thank God the phone line is working now. Any advice will do as I have had enough.

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Re: How do I go about cancelling my BT contract due to BT not providing me service?

the forum moderators will get involved in this case as soon as they read your post they will post there reply and give you a contact link to them

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Re: How do I go about cancelling my BT contract due to BT not providing me service?

Hi jgirl,


Thanks for you post, I am really sorry to hear about all the issues you experienced with your install. If you need any help with this please use the 'contact the mods' link in my forum profile under the 'about me' section to send in your details. You can find the link by clicking on my username.



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