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How do i change the email address that BT contact me with

I am losing the will to live dealing with this incompetent outfit.

My partner recently passed away and i informed them asked them to change account into my name and cancel some of the servises.
After making a total hash of it and 5 hours of phone calls they still got it wrong.

After a final call explaining that if they did not get a manager to ring me that day i would be traveling down to their head office. I finally spoke to someone that admitted they would sort it i did not need to do anything else.

Low and behold they did everything promised.

Then i noticed despite me changing BT username and email they are sending bils to dead partners email which is about to be closed down.
More alarming  there does not seem to be anywhere online i can change it ?

Please please tell me i dont have to ring up to do the most basic task ?

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Re: How do i change the email address that BT contact me with

Hi @thecomputersaysno,

I am so sorry to read about the problems you've had trying to get us to update the email address.

We can definitely help you get this fixed. Please, reply back to my private message that I sent you and one of my team will get back in touch.



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