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How do i report Spam BT emails to BT?

Have had two email from BT ( i know they are not from BT) asking for login details etc (not sending anything back to these idiots)


Looks like they have come from BT addys (maybe someones account is hacked already)


Think BT should know about these spam mails so who or where should i send them?



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Re: How do i report Spam BT emails to BT?

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Re: How do i report Spam BT emails to BT?

They are almost certainly not from anyone at BT.  If you run your own mail server, it's easy to fake the From address on an email to make it read whatever you want.

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Re: How do i report Spam BT emails to BT?

the quality is so poor it is unreal of these 2 spams i have recieved. Will forward them to BT.



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Re: How do i report Spam BT emails to BT?

Hi, Guys.

I reported today's phishing attempt to, and was advised to fill in a form at another address.  This then got into an endless request for personal details before I could proceed, together with a note that, in any case, BT can't do anything about emails that don't originate from their domain.


I am sure BT *ought* to be sufficiently concerned to want to warn unsuspecting customers that BT is *not* about to upgrade its email system in early June 2013, and that it is not a wise idea to follow links in the "BT" email giving away your username and password...

Regards, David

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Re: How do i report Spam BT emails to BT?

Just regarding your last post, I have copied an email received from BT during April.


As you can see there are some changes to their email conditions occurring in June


Important changes to your BT email terms


We're changing the terms and conditions for accessing the email that comes with your BT Broadband - BT Yahoo! Mail.

From 17 June this year, you'll need to log in to your email account at least once every 150 days. If you don't, we'll presume you don't use your email account anymore and we'll close it.
Read our new terms and conditions.

How to keep your BT email

Make sure you use your email at least once every 150 days by logging on at or using your computer email software (like Microsoft Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird). If you don't, we'll close the account and delete everything that goes with it - including your emails, contacts, calendar and notes.

But if we close your account, you can still use the email address to log in to BT Wi-fi or other BT services. You just won't be able to use it for email.
If you use Flickr

This change won't affect the email address you're using to log on to Flickr just yet (that's the photo sharing site that you access with your BT Yahoo! email address). We'll contact you again later this year to let you know when the changes will affect you.
Make it easier for us to get in touch with you

The next time you log in to, make sure the email address you used for My BT is one you check regularly. If it isn't, change it to one you do.

Change your contact details now.
Need some help?

To find out more about these changes, go to

Thanks for choosing BT.

Warren Buckley
Managing Director, Customer Service

Please don't reply to this email - it's been automatically generated by our computer. If you need to get in touch, go to

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