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How do you make the most of any "free" services/calls - i.e. get best value for money?

I wonder if we can get a consensus of views that could contribute to a sticky on how to get the best value for money from BTBBA (and the other BT services that this is based upon).


I'm constantly confused so please excuse my ignorance:




  1. We have three family members on different mobile numbers, all using the same account. We're on 600 minutes - and this usually does for all of us. I'm on the HTC s620; my wife is on an old vanilla Nokia (don't ask) and my daughter is getting our new HTC Hero ("free") upgrade.
  2. We all try to make calls to other mobiles from our mobiles (to make the best use of the included minutes from the 600 minute monthly allowance). 
  3. We also have a BT Broadband Talk account on our land-line, so when at home we tend to make calls to other landlines from our landline in the "free" periods. I assume that BTBBT is cheaper than standard BT Option 1 for land-line calls out of the free period, but I really don't know for sure!
  4. Even in the Broadband Talk free periods we make calls to other mobiles on our own mobiles as we assume that - even if we go over our 600-minute allowance, these inter-mobile calls will still be cheaper from a mobile than via BTBBT. Is that correct?
  5. I often link my s620 to the wi-fi network at home for casual (slow) web browsing, and then find that - on the odd occasion that someone calls us on our Broadband Talk number, my mobile will ring as well! I can live with that!
  6. As a previous BT Fusion user I was used to the idea that I could multiply my free minutes by calling on my mobile through the hub, but that's old hat now. I'm given to understand that the new benefit is that I can make calls via BT Openzone, but I don't know if these cost me or not? And what about BT Fon - if I can find a FON connection and make a call, does that cost, or not?
  7. If we don't use our 600 minutes in any one month I assume that the surplus rolls over. All of them, or is there a roll-over cap? If I roll over 100 minutes after month 1, and then have 150 minutes unused at the end of month 2, how many minutes will be rolled over to month 3?




  1. We have a big family text allowance, although having added some text blocks I'm a bit confused about the total allowance as the bill is so complicated to read. It seems we have 400 free texts included in the 600 minute bundle. To that I've added one or two blocks of texts; there's a bill entry for BT Mobile: 200 texts, and also a bill entry for BT Mobile: 300 Texts as well as an entry for the 400 Free Texts. However I'm only being billed for a BT Mobile: 200 Texts Bundle. Not complaining! Of course this could be because I upgraded part way through a month from 200 to 300 extra - but I'm thoroughly confused!




  1. We've been super cautious about data. I switched to my current s620 (unused by my wife who didn't like the form factor) when my s710 started to fall apart. When I tried to activate this phone its software needed to be completely updated (not surprising as it had sat unused in its box for 16 months). A very patient lady from BT remotely connected to my PC to assist in getting the correct software on to the s620. However, she omitted to tell me that the default state would mean that all my emails would be flooding on to the s620 and I'd incur a whopping data bill as we only have the bundled free 10MB of Data. BT Customer Service have since done two credits - spanning two bills - for over £60 + VAT for erroneous data charges resulting from my software upgrade. For that I am very thankful!!
  2. Now that the HTC Hero is about to arrive I've decided to subscribe to the £5 Data charge for an  extra 500MB per month. I s that correct  - total allowance will now be 510MB?
  3. From what I've heard it is not easy to monitor your own account's data use. Is there an App for the Hero? Can I check anywhere from the HTC s620?
  4. What is the best strategy for getting free Data on the Hero? I'm assuming that the following is free - (a) connecting via WiFi on your own BT Home Hub (or someone else's BT Hub with their PIN/permission); (b) connecting via BT FON (c) using one's free monthly allowance on BT Openzone - how much data or time is this, and is it cost-effective to add to this data allowance, compared with overshooting on the BTBBA 500MB allowance?

Other tips:

As well as providing some responses and/or confirmation for the above, does anyone have some more tips for how to get the best value for money out of BT, with a mix of:


BT land line

BT Home Hub 2.0

BT Broadband Talk account

BT BBA To Go Mobile account


  • Voice
  • Text
  • Broadband (we're on Option 3)
  • Mobile Data via BT BBA To Go (Also, would a mobile dongle be a worthwhile/cost-eeffective back-up if you were about to go over the 500MB limit? Although I agree with everyone else who would like a larger allowance available than 500MB - especially on a 600 minute bundle being shard by two or three users)


BT Vision


I pay a lot to BT every month and I still don't regard myself as anywhere near expert enough in how to use/combine the services for the best value for our money.


HELP Please!!!


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Re: How do you make the most of any "free" services/calls - i.e. get best value for money?


I'm not going to be of much use regarding answers but I sure am going to watching this post like a hawk for any replies. My package is a slightly diluted version of this and I do find the BBtalk and data limits hard to make the most of as well.

If nothing else this totally highlights how complicated BT have managed to make their packages.

A cynic would assume that they are trying to catch us out at every step and for us to either be overspending or not really getting the moneys worth.




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Re: How do you make the most of any "free" services/calls - i.e. get best value for money?

I've had my HTC S620 for over 18 months now and wanted to find out if I could get an upgrade.


Your post talks about a "free" upgrade to HTC Hero.


What do you mean by free in inverted commas?


Can I get a upgrade on my current tariff?

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Re: How do you make the most of any "free" services/calls - i.e. get best value for money?

Being on the 600 minutes/month package/contract - the upgrade was free - but also depended on me agreeing to an 18-month renewal of this contract. I think that is standard.

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