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How easy/costl​y is upgrade from Option1 to Option2 Infinity mid 18m term?.

My current 3.5M service (O2 £9.50/m) is unlimited so I don't know my monthly usage. I'm about to order Infinity but unsure if the Option1 40Gb limit would be sufficient. I assume I can choose to upgrade to Option2 during 18m minimum term (I believe direct from my BT account if I exceed the limit). But I am getting mixed messages from BT on changes to term and penalty charges. Has anyone done this and can answer the following?


1. Is upgrade possible and easy?

2. Apart from the £10/m increase in monthly charge are there ANY other charges e.g. activation fee/upgrade fee, penalty charge for early termination of minimum term, etc?

3. Once the upgrade is applied does the remainder of the original 18m minimum term simply continue or does it start a new 18m minimum term?


Out of interest can you downgrade from Option2 to Option1 and what penalties apply then...

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Re: How easy/costl​y is upgrade from Option1 to Option2 Infinity mid 18m term?.

It would be very rare for any supplier to make it difficult to upgrade during a contract.  As you would effectively just be paying more for an enhancement to your existing service there should be no additional contract time and no penalties, they just have to change some settings on their system to remove the bandwith cap, remove the upload speed cap and increase the monthly direct debit.  Downgrading may be a different matter, very much a question for customer services.

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Re: How easy/costl​y is upgrade from Option1 to Option2 Infinity mid 18m term?.

if you upgrade the only problem may be if you had a special deal at the outset but BT will sort that if you are upgrading but you will need to agree a new contract on upgrade.  if you then subsequently decide to downgrade during your contract period then there will be some penalty for early termination of your option 2 contract

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Re: How easy/costl​y is upgrade from Option1 to Option2 Infinity mid 18m term?.

From my post HERE I wrote.-

"I went for Infinity option 1 and had a very helpful discussion with sales. 


I had unlimited UK landline calls included with my old BT broadband but didn't think I needed the full Infinity opt 2 package that also had unlimited calls.

So I was able to take Infinity option 1 and add an uplift of £4.75 to give me unlimited calls.

I then asked if transferring from BT adsl broadband to Infinity mean I have to start an 18 month contract again and was told that I would.


I then asked if after a while I found I needed to upgrade to to option 2 as the 40Gb download cap was too restrictive, I was told I could and that as option 2 has unlimited UK landline calls included all I had to do was give BT 30 days notice to cancel my existing calls uplift. 

There was no mention of having to start another 18 months contract. 

I had been discussing contract periods ref would I still have to keep paying until the end of my existing contract for £4.75 anytime calls uplift when/if I upgraded as it is included in option 2.

So having initially being told quite up front I would have to start a new 18 month contract for my BT Infinity option 1 and then being told about the 30 day cancellation notice for the calls uplift I would expect the BT sales representative to have made it clear that to move from Infinity option 1 to option 2 would mean a re-start to the contract again.


So if I do upgrade I would not expect to re start another 18 month contract. 

I suppose this may just be my situation and I do keep a note of the names, date and time the conversation took place so if needed it could be confirmed.

My dealings with BT have always been very fair and am sure something can be negotiated.


My Infinity speed improvement (over wireless) from 1.5Mb to 37Mb HERE"




And HERE I wrote.-


"So on BT broadband I had.-

1.5Mb broadband with 10Gb download cap per month. Anytime UK landline calls.

For £16 + £13.90 line rental. Total £29.90 per month.


And with Infinity I have.-

37Mb broadband with 40Gb download cap per month. Anytime UK landline calls.

For £18 + £4.75 + £13.90 Line rental. Total £36.65.

I'm actually paying £35.35p per month with the paperless billing discount.


Approximately an increase from £30 per month to £36 per month.


Therefore for roughly an extra £1.50 per week I get Infinitely faster with an additional 30GB download allowance.


I felt that was worth it, and am very pleased..... so far.


Like you I wasn't happy with the packages that looked available online for me to move to.

So I rang Bt and found very helpful people who gave me what I wanted.

If I find I want the unlimited download then I can change up (this comes with anytime calls).... so with 30 days notice I can cancell the £4.75 anytime calls uplift I am paying at the moment".




Further info regarding other cancellation charges.-

I wrote HERE that......

BT made a mistake when I changed from BT Broadband to Infinity, their charges showed I had left BT broadband within 12 Months and had applied a charge of £46 for the HomeHub. 

After contacting DavidM a BT mod this has been removed.

So I guess if I had actually left BT then I would have had to have paid the charge.

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