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Migrating email addresses from old BT account to new one

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I have previously posted about this problem and spoken to the very helpful moderators who have assured me my email address will not be lost, therefore the old topic is marked as solved. But, when I log into my new account, the email addresses have not migrated across, there is just an option to open 11 new email addresses. When I log into my old BT account, there is just a message that the account has closed and that the email addresses associated with that account will be lost on 2nd December.


Therefore, my questions are:


Are these email addresses opened in the old BT account definitely going to continue after the cut off date as advised by the moderators (I really do not want to lose them and do not think I should have to pay for BT Premium Mail as I am still a BT customer), and


How can I have those email addresses show up in my new account so that I can manage them?


Any help would be much appreciated, thank you.

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Re: How keep my old BT email address after closing account and move to existing new BT account

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Hi @aaf1966,


We'll be able to look into it for you but we'll need you to complete our contact form in my profile.


It'll take us a few working days before we can reply to your ticket but we will get back in touch as before.





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