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How long does it take to deregister a number from Imessage?

To give the full story I have just moved from EE to BT mobile using an android phone, i decided it would be good to have a new number so did not port my old number across as I used to get alot of calls for a previous owner of the number. I am currently not able to receive text messages from iphone users on my BT sim.


My understanding is that the number BT have assigned me was previously used by an Iphone user so all iphones try to send messages as an Imessage (which i never receive of course). I have been onto the apple site to deregister the number from imessage as this apparently should fix it, it said i was successful but so far no change, i still get no messages from Iphones (they get them from me as SMS messages).


Anyone had to do this before and know how long it takes to take effect?





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Re: How long does it take to deregister a number from Imessage?

@robh54 I'm sorry about the problem you're having receiving messages from iPhones. If you're still having issues with this please get in touch with our BT Mobile Helpdesk 

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