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How long does my contract have left?

Hi there

I have recently lost my job and am now in a very different financial position.

I am wondering how to check how long I have left on my current contract but can't seem to find anything on the billing pages?   I need to either dramatically reduce the cost I am paying now.. or find alternative cheaper supplier but obviously need to know the contract situation first.  Last thing I recall was adding in a mobile phone but that was last May.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Many thanks

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Re: How long does my contract have left?

Hi @rodleydragons 

Other than phoning Customer Services on 0800 800 150  (best avoided at the moment while so busy) log in to My BT and select Orders and Faults

Scroll down until you find the Order which contains the latest change to your contract date.

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Re: How long does my contract have left?

Log on using this link then go to your orders and click on Track order then View Order Summary. This will show the contract start date and the length of the contract.

BT Orders 

If you have more than one product you may have more than one contract running and they could be ending at different times.

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