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How long for an exchange upgrade?

I moved into a small village five months ago which has an exchange split in two with fast broadband and the slowest. Apparently the fast side is full and I’m just wondering on average how long it can be for an exchange to be upgraded or space be made available?


When I purchased my broadband I used the router from my old house so no engineer came by at the time, the line was just activated and away I went so are exchanges checked regularly if they are being used or do I just have to wait until an engineer notices space and I get a leaflet in the door asking if I want to upgrade?

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Re: How long for an exchange upgrade?

If you mean by upgrade to fibre then it is the street cabinet you need upgraded not just the exchange


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Re: How long for an exchange upgrade?

Hi @Rabby1986

Are you referring to the Openreach Superfast broadband infrastructure rollout (commercial and BDUK/SEP programme)?

Can you please post the results from
Remember to edit out your telephone number, however post the exchange name and cabinet number too as this will help the community direct you on the right direction
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