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How many directions can a cabinet support?

The fibre optic cable to a new cabinet in our village comes past houses 1-15 on its way to the cabinet.  Unfortunately only houses 16-30 (which are on the other side of the cabinet)  are connected to the cabinet. 

Openreach say they can't fix this. Is there a restriction that the output from the cabinet can only go in 1 direction?

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Re: How many directions can a cabinet support?

The output from a cabinet can go in many directions. FTTC is limited by distance from the cabinet. Openreach will not cange the cab you are connected to.

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Re: How many directions can a cabinet support?


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Re: How many directions can a cabinet support?

thank you, that is what I suspected. 

I am representing the 15 residents that haven't been connected to our new cabinet, and have involved the Openreach CEO office (who told me they ran out of money) and my County Council's Broadband Director (who funds it).

It transpiers that they didn't run out of money. The CC Director wrote "Had we seen Openreach's plan before deployment we would have argued for the cabinet to be moved, however this is entirely a matter for Openreach’s planning department. There are no plans to connect more houses to this cabinet." 

So, based on your response I will now go back to him and ask why they can't output a cable in the direction of houses 1-15 

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Re: How many directions can a cabinet support?

It is not a matter of simply routing a cable in the direction of those houses.

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Re: How many directions can a cabinet support?

Thanks. Can you tell me what is involved?

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Re: How many directions can a cabinet support?

It’s unlikely that all of the people you represent all use BT as their provider, the ‘network’ isn’t the responsibility of ‘BT’ but Openreach, so posting on a BT Consumer forum about this isn’t going to achieve anything, cabinet boundary’s obviously exist, if in your case houses 1-15 are ‘connected ‘ to a non fibre enabled cabinet and houses 16 onwards are connected to a different cabinet that is fibre enabled, then that’s just the way it is, presumably ‘upgrading’ the non enabled cabinet to fibre doesn’t work out financially, or possibly they are E/O lines , if the costs to ‘upgrade’ these lines  would never be recouped, why would this expense be considered by a private company, if there has been a BDUK subsidy for other nearby  areas,and this subsidy is still available then perhaps it’s just a case of waiting until a scheme is put in place. 

If your desire is for Openreach ( not BT ) to rearrange the network so that houses 1-15 are rerouted to connect to the enabled cabinet, that also may be complicated and expensive , and ultimately down to Openreach to decide if and when it gets done , basically it’s  nothing to do with ‘BT’

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