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How many more problems

I have been a BT customer for a while and recently decided to upgrade to Infinity, has been a nightmare ever sinc.

Placed the order on 28/07 and got the usual confirmations etc. with an engineer booked for 04/08. As promised the hub etc. arrived a couple of days before so everything looked good. On the day itself, took time of work and sat in to await the engineer - they never arrived. After 45 minutes on the phone to India was told there had been an issue at the exchange and I would be called the next day to rebook the engineer. No call was received. Emailed a complaint and after a few days chasing was told the problems had not been fixed and once they were I would be contacted.

A week later BT called to advise all now sorted and rebooked the engineer for 23/08. The usual confirmation email / SMS arrived. O the morning of the rescheduled visit checked online to see that an engineer was no longer needed as all work could be done at the exchange. Knowing this was not the case further calls were made to find that the engineers visit had not been properly booked in. Another call back promised, another call not returned.

Next day BT email to confirm cancellation of my account, another call made and a promise that account would be reinstated and that I would get a call th next day re: Infinity. No call again, however did manage to disconnect my phone line.

The line has been reconnected and a new order for Infinity placed as the old one was cancelled by BT. Unfortunately the Indian call taker ordered the wrong calls package, called and was assured would be changed and would show on the website yesterday.

The problem now is, not only is the calls package showing as incorrect but it is once again showing that an engineer is no longer required. The engineer was due with me on 01/09 and I have turned down work to be at home.

My question is, is there anybody sensible I can raise this with in order to get the order next week as planned or am I better off just forgetting infinity and moving to a new ISP? Any advice gratefully received.

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Re: How many more problems

Fill in the form here:


and the Forum Moderators will unravel this for you. It may take a couple of working days.

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Re: How many more problems

Many thanks
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Re: How many more problems

If any of the moderators are online please can somebody contact me.

After all the problems BT have today disconnected my phone line and broadband (for the second time) have spoken to to the useless call centre and got nowhere.

So now not only do I still not have infinity but no phone line either.

Seriously fed up, if I go elsewhere I am stuck because there is no active phone line anymore so will have to have a new number etc.

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Re: How many more problems

from when you contacted the forum mods it normally takes up to 72 hours for a reply they reply to you directly by email or phone if you have not received a reply i suggest you resend to them including the ref no given when you posted originally to them to assist in locating your original mail
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Re: How many more problems

hi ...
iam sorry for the **bleep** ur faccing on the bb installtion
i do believe looking on to the info that ur order is not going through ... could be a possible delay in the order ....
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