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How many wifi connections to HH3?

Hi. I have a HH3 and between myself and my family, we have many devices connected to it via wifi. In total I have:


4 x Apple TVs

5 x iPhones

3 x iPads

2 x iMacs

2 x PCs

1 x Printer

2 x Sky+ boxes


(19 devices in total)


Recently, all of my family have been complaining that their device(s) won't connect to the wifi. I have had a look at their devices, and entering the password (which has always worked in the past) produces a message saying something like "Unable to join BTHub3-****)


This evening, I turned on one of the Apple TV's that I have not used for a couple of months and saw the following message


There was a problem connecting to the network.

The Wi-Fi network you're attempting to join cannot host any more devices. Disconnect other devices and try again. (-3913)

I suspect this is the same problem that my family has been having but with a more detailed explanation of the error.


Now contrary to popular belief, this problem is not likely to have anything to do with the fact that most of my products are Apple and so I am not looking for suggestions on switching to Android.  What I want to know is does the HH3 actually have a limit on how many devices can be connected at once and if so, how can I resolve my problem?  I am getting inconcistent feedback from BT support so hopefully I can get a straight answer here.



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Re: How many wifi connections to HH3?

If you do a factory reset of the home hub, it should clear out any old entries, and should allow you to re-connect your wireless devices.

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