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How much am I paying for mobile phone calls?

I have been out of my 12 month contract (unlimited evening & weekend plan & anytime) for several months now and the mobile cost per minute on the bill seems all over the place.

All I can see on the BT website is that mobile calls should be 12 ppm.

The minimum charge  on calls this month appears to be 21 pence for the first minute. Is this correct?


During my 12 month contract, mobile calls were  charged at 6 ppm and I thought that after the 12 months, my contract rolls over, less any discounts given so I should still be charged the same rate.


My bill show no ppm costs for call charges and My BT shows no detail in "My products" for call costs.

How am I meant know what I am being charged other than have to make my own records when starting or renewing contracts?


PS, for improved customer satisfaction why don't BT inform customers that their contracts are about to lapse?

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Re: How much am I paying for mobile phone calls?

The Residential Tariff guide suggests that it should be 12p/min, plus set-up fee, unless you are on Unlimited Anytime calls (see page 8).


BT don't warn customers that their current contract is about to expire because they prefer to charge people more for their services.  They offer discounts in order to get new customers to sign up.  They may, grudgingly, give a discount if you are willing to accept a new contract.

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