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How to Complain DIRECTLY to BT?

A sorry litany of errors and try as I might I cannot find a single number that allows you to complain to someone in order to find out why the errors occurred:


2 weeks ago I booked my home move through BT and made it clear that I would need an engineer visit to the property as the previous owners had removed the BT Master Socket in order to put in a metal faceplate that matched the remainder of the socket faceplates throughout the house - the wiring to what I surmised as the the original master socket had extension wiring that had now been removed and most (all but one) of the wires in the socket were loose.


Engineer appointment booked for the following Friday between 1300-1800hrs. 


On the Friday morning I jumped in the car and travelled up to the new house (70 miles away, not moving in until mid June) in order to be present when the engineer calls.  Arrive at the house 1000hrs, at 1030hrs I receive a text stating that I no longer need to wait in as the engineer has done all the work at the exchange, tested the line and all is well.  I call BT back immediately - stressing I requested for an engineer visit to the house - too late engineer already reallocated.  Rescheduled visit for Monday 1300-1800hrs, back up to the house for 1000hrs (just in case he is early), come 1630hrs starting to get worried, call the 0330 number from my mobile and speak to someone in India who promised to get back to me within 10 minutes to confirm an arrival time for the engineer, did not get back to me.  1800hrs comes and goes, no engineer appears.  Travelled home, called to complain - India again and very sorry to hear about my circumstances - he tried to speak to Openreach - nobody answering the phone, he promised a supervisor would get back to me first thing the following day, still waiting. 


Called BT this morning - India again - young lad apologised but advised that I had changed the engineer appointment date to Wednesday, I agreed that I had, but I had done that at 2200hrs on the day the engineer failed to turn up the second time by 1800hrs.  He agreed the matter should be raised to the supervisor, he promised the pass the details on and to expect a call later on - still waiting!


Why oh why do we have to put up with this level of poor service and why cannot I get directly through to someone who can deal with my complaint?



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Re: How to Complain DIRECTLY to BT?

Hi davemccreath


Ouch, sounds like you have had a difficult time here, sorry about that.


I'll be happy to have a look into this for and find out what went wrong and get things put right for you.


Could you drop me in an email please with your BT account and telephone number along with a link back to this thread.

Just send using the contact us form in my profile under the 'about me' section.





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Re: How to Complain DIRECTLY to BT?

Done as asked above, no reply as of yet.  No supervisor phone calls either, utterly shambolic!

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Re: How to Complain DIRECTLY to BT?

And it gets better!  Just checked my fault log on the BT site, my re-arranged engineer appointment for pm tomorrow (Wednesday) has been cancelled by someone and re-arranged for Friday morning.  So far I've taken Friday off - waste of time, taken Monday off - waste of time, booked tomorrow off and now cannot change that - another waste of time.


Appalling, and now really miffed!


How do you complain to BT and is there any method to seek compensation?

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Re: How to Complain DIRECTLY to BT?

Hi davemccreath, sorry to tell you it could be 72 hours before

the mods get back to you as they are very busy.
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Re: How to Complain DIRECTLY to BT?




Thanks for letting me know, currently engaged with priority faults at BT but they (like last night) are unable to contact anyone at OpenReach to try and re-arrange the engineer visit - they'll get back to me tomorrow morning - chance of it being changed, even in their words, is very slim.


I have not been this vexed for a long, long time.


Spell check: Openreach - Pancreas, fitting!





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Re: How to Complain DIRECTLY to BT?

How can any small business be expected to stay on line ALL THE TIME! when they have to rely on BT for their products? I wish I had never gone with this company in the first place, it is such a huge firm that they just ignore the small business user.........

Once again I am back to square one with the same on-going never ending problems caused by BT


Not happy!!!!!!!!!!

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Re: How to Complain DIRECTLY to BT?

If you're a business I suggest you take out a business package. They come with differing levels of priority. For this, you pay a slight premium.
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How useless can BT be?

On the 9 December I ordered a package deal;


18 months Broadband with unlimited  evening and weekend calls. I paid 12 months  line rental in advance to receive the 3 months for free and the £13 a month for the balance of the order. In addition the property had no existing line to the property and therefore I would receive a FREE line installation normally charged at £130.


I received flyers from BT offering this service prior to ordering, and even confirmed by calling BT that this offer was still current. I checked the web site, prior to ordering and it was clearly listed.


I tried to order over the phone, and was told it was an on line order only, so I started to place the order on line. When It came to placing the online order I filled in correctly that I had no line or a box, in addition as I placed the order I called to confirm why I was being charged £130 installation when I obviously had no line or box. I was told this would be rectified when the order was processed.


I was given an engineers arrival time on the 16 December between 0800 and 1300 for the installation. No one turned up!


After spending nearly 4 hours on calls to BT on the 16 you arranged for an engineer to visit on the 17 December. He duly called at 0800 and was on site at 0830. He saw that there was no line, he could not even find a live line at the exterior connection box on the side of the property, he could not find a live line at the next pylon from where the line connects. Therefore I could not have had a live line installed on the 16 December, through no fault of mine.
On the 23 December, I rang to complain about the £130 charge that was now being made through the Direct debit that I had been asked to sign up too; I had no reply after a 16 minute wait.
Later that day I rang and spent an additional 1 Hrs and 19 minutes, culminating in a man from Cardiff called Matt saying he would call back in 25 minutes with a reply. He did ring back but put me onto a lady in India who like all the other people did nothing.
On the 24 I spent an additional 1 hrs 40 minis being passed from one person o the other , with no one making a decision or knowing who was responsible final giving me a number 0800 234 6035 to call because they could resolve the problem with the installation charge. I rang but the office had closed.
On the 28 December I rang, eventually after 24 minutes I got through to and English lady who said I should not be speaking to her but she would put me through to the correct department, I was put through to India again, to another lady who said she would look into it and check with a supervisor. I waited another 12 minutes and was was cut off by BT.
I rang back and have now waited for 22 minutes, with no reply.
On the 28 December I sent an e mail to faseeh to cover the points above, I never received a reply.
I have included this mail to Ofcom as a formal complaint, this will be sent by registered post to them.
In addition I have sent a copy of this mail to BT complaints by registered mail.
I will be cancelling the direct debit until the dispute is resolved, I will be happy to arrange the account to be placed back as a Direct Debit at that point. I do not wish to have my line cut off at any point during the dispute and will be happy to pay my call/broadband charges by paper billing which BT will have to provide.
I will be making a claim to BT for loss of earnings and time spent on this, I will provide BT with this information and if  this is not resolved along with the installation dispute within 14 days I will make a claim at the Courts.
There is no customer care, and no correct procedure for complaints. To say Bt is anything but incompetent would not be a exaggeration.
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Re: How useless can BT be?



This is being dealt with by a moderator on the Bills & Call Packages board. Please don't double-post; it causes confusion and will not make it any more likely that your issue is resolved. 

You can click the thumbs up icon below this message if you think it was helpful.
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