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How to Return Equipment


My first and last post on this site. Leaving BT next week, cannot wait. I've wasted so much time on chat and phone trying to arrange to have BT errors with regards to a recent upgrade fixed, so I've cancelled within my cooling off period.

In true BT fashion of making everything more complicated than it needs to be, I am having issues arranging a bag for a return of equipment.

The returns page states "You can also ask for one by logging into My BT and selecting 'View details' under 'Please return your equipment'. "

I've logged into my account, looked through my home page, looked through "Your details", looked through "Your products", looked through "Your bills and usage", looked through the individual product/service pages, no where have i seen somewhere saying "please return your equipment".

I have searched "return equipment" on the help section to get back to the returns page and then prompted to log in again despite being already logged in. 

I am done with this company. Can someone please point out how to order one of these bags so I can move on and forget about them.

Many thanks



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Re: How to Return Equipment

I had the same problem to return goods after an upgrade. I went to the chat line and asked them to sort it and that worked. I also put in a complaint and that worked, it did take longer. In then recieved 2 bags after a month after they 1st said one had been sent. Nagging is the best way!

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Re: How to Return Equipment

Thank you for your suggestion. Honestly my experience of live chat recently has been going round in circles only to have to repeat everything later on.

If my first post seemed a bit of a moan:

I recently upgraded only for my confirmation email to contain lower speeds than those promised on chat. Then the order showed as complete despite my future bill still showing out of contract prices. And finally no word on a new hub that was promised. After wasting time on chat then having to phone, chasing up my own upgrade I was told my order was showing as both open and closed on the system. I complained and in the end, BT actually had lowered my guarantee speed by 20% while keeping the price the same.

I cancelled within my cooling off period and have moved to a competitor who can somehow offer 62mb guarantee vs BT's 44mb (I was previously on 55mb)

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Re: How to Return Equipment

Hi @david2105 and welcome.

I'm sorry you've had such a bad experience with BT recently. Have your services been ceased yet? Are you still connected?



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Re: How to Return Equipment

Hi, thanks for your reply. 

My services cease/transfer on the 21st September. Is it possible I will receive more up to date instructions, or a returns bag automatically, after this date? That would be fine, my only issue was there is seemingly a time limit attached and I have no interest in chasing BT throughout this timeframe.

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Re: How to Return Equipment

Thanks for confirming that @david2105 .

The returns kit should be sent automatically once the account closes. It can take up to 2 weeks to arrive in some cases so if you don't receive it within that timescale let me know and I'll look into it for you.



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Re: How to Return Equipment

Just to update this. 

I received the returns bag as promised, thankfully, and returned the equipment.

I received a letter in the post today, assuming it was acknowledgement of the equipment return.

Instead, it was a bill for £334 for the cancellation of the services I had cancelled within the cooling off period.

Yet another phone call to BT, hopefully the final one, to confirm that this was a mistake.

To anyone reading this, honestly record every bit of communication with this company, and good luck.

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Re: How to Return Equipment

Final update.

Returned my equipment and received confirmation, thanks for the replies.


Aside from that, what an absolute shambles. After receiving confirmation of my cancellation within my cooling off period, then receiving email confirmation that my bill for £334 early termination was sent in error and wouldn't be charged, BT tried to take the money out of my account anyway. Absolute jokers.

Thankfully my bank was able to cancel the payment. What an absolute shower of incompetent clowns. When I cancelled I had an open mind about returning if the speeds improved in my area; now there's no chance. Good luck to everyone else.

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