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How to add another router to Home Hub network.



Hope someone can help.  Here's the problem.


I have a Home Hub downstairs, which is working fine.


I want to put a desktop computer, which doesn't have wireless, upstairs, in a room which I can't get an ethernet cable to easily (we have vinyl floors, due to an allergy problem, therefore no carpets to run cables under).


I have a spare NetGear DGN2000 router, which says that it can be used as a wireless repeater.


I would like to use the spare router as a bridge or access point, linking wirelessly to the Home Hub, to enable me to connect the desktop via ethernet, and to improve wireless coverage upstairs.  I know I could use Homeplugs to get the broadband connection upstairs, but I have the router sitting around doing nothing, so would like to make use of it.


I have a couple of laptops running Vista, the desktop is on XP.


I am fairly IT & network literate, but have looked at the settings and spent ages googling this without finding a clear solution.


Can someone please help?


Many thanks,



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Re: How to add another router to Home Hub network.

don't think it works with hh2


try here

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Re: How to add another router to Home Hub network.

I connect my D-Link DIR-516 straight to one of four RJ45 (Ethernet) socket.

In router put this cable to WAN socket. It working very well.

Router DIR-615 used BT Home Hub 2.0 like cable modem.

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Re: How to add another router to Home Hub network.

If you are using a version 1 or 1.5* hub, then yes you can connect them by wireless.

As imjolly said, you can't do this with a v2.


You can when using homeplugs.

Look for "Link two....." on the link imjolly provided.


*1.5 can reset when using WDS.

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Re: How to add another router to Home Hub network.

Just be aware that bridging your two routers wirelessly will effectivly half your throughput!

It would be better to connect the two via cable and have the second acting as a standalone WAP.

I know u said cable runs are a problem but maybe have the second router in the landing or at the top of the stairs?

When using my homehub to do just this i had to buy a second router (netgear) to ask as a promary router (DHCP / DNS etc) and used the HH as WAP.

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