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How to configure your own router to work through HomeHub 4

I know many users prefer to use their own routers, but many may not be suitable for the new multi-cast broadcasts, but you don't need to ditch your own router, but instead you can try the following which should still give you the security and control over your network (tested using the ASUS RT-N66U).


On HomeHub 4 set the ip range to be on (usually defaulted to

Disable Wireless Settings

Disable WPS

Disable DHCP or set it to a small bank of IP's

Plug your Youview/BT Vision box into any port (remember to set them to auto or change ip so incorrect subnet)


On your router set the LAN ip range to

On WAN connection select static ip and set it to

Set gateway to and DNS to same address

Plug WAN port into a port on the HomeHub 4


Configuring your own router like this, still gives you the ability to fully manage the network and will still be able to manage the HomeHub 4, as if you configure it as an access point you will not be able manage any security settings on the system.


I've not fully gone into checking all port-forwarding rules, but it does work as my xbox is on the ASUS router and works fine on Live and PC's also seem to be working perfectly.


Just got to wait for the new sports channels to go live in august


Also you can set the ip range to whatever you want, but remember they HomeHub must be on a different subnet.





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Re: How to configure your own router to work through HomeHub 4

I have tried this but I canot get the ASUs to accept the WAN changes

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