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Re: How to connect DVR ( re CCTV)

Yes before I took off the hub 4 I took a photo of all the settings 

The settings were the ones which Keith Beddoe guided me through several years ago when my hub 4 from BT replaced my virgin hub 

After Keith’s advice everything worked perfectly until the changeover 

yes it is set up for my DYNDNs 

as the updater seems to have stopped updating and is not showing my DYNDNS host as a novice my thoughts are that the fault lies there 

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Re: How to connect DVR ( re CCTV)

On my smart hub 2 I have a port forwarding rule allowing ports 37777-37778  to connect in and out.

Shows in port forwarding page as

Rule name/ mac address of device/external start 37777/external end 37778/ internal start 37777/internal end 37778/ protocol TCP.UDP.

Upnp all off in config page.

My CCTV works with this setup but will not if I delete the port forwarding.

Ports may vary depending on device but best test is to just turn firewall off for a short time and then try to access CCTV.

Hope you get it working.

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