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How to correct incorrect address with Openreach

I have been trying to quite some time to ensure that BT Openreach have the correct mailing address associated with my BT account and phone number. Despite many previous efforts this does not to be correct and if I check on BT Openreach entering my postcode shows my neighbour's but not my address. This prevents me from being able to switch services as other operators tell me I have no service listed at my address - when I have had BT service there for years (broadband and phone). Every time I try to correct this with BT they say it is corrected, but it clearly is not - but I am going round in round circles with no one seemingly able to fix what should be an easy issue? Thanks for any help anyone can provide as this is very frustrating 

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Re: How to correct incorrect address with Openreach

Is your address visible and correct on the Royal Mail/Post Office site ?, the OR database is based on that, asking your provider for an ORDI check ( Openreach database integrity) should correct any inconsistencies

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Re: How to correct incorrect address with Openreach

Thanks very much for your quick answer. Yes, the address is correct with Royal Mail / Post Office and the issue only appears to be on the Openreach side from when the property was built as a new build with a previous owner many years ago. I can try contacting BT as you have suggested and ask them to run an ORDI check - I am actually on the phone with the Sales team right now to get a price quote and they say they have never heard of this
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Re: How to correct incorrect address with Openreach

Hi Iniltous, just fyi the Sales team have told me they have sent the issue to the 'Connections Team' whom seem to be the people that can make the change. They confirmed that the address on the Openreach side was "slightly incorrect" and that they update it which should reflect in the next 5 days. Thanks again for your help and fingers crossed
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