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How to deal with forum spam

What is spam?

Occasionally, someone (usually a brand new poster) will come along and start submitting posts advertising a product or service. Spam can also be defined as the same message being posted over and over again.


We have guidelines in place to help prevent spam, as well as a number of measures that prevent certain keywords from being posted, but it isn’t fool proof and there are occasions when a spammer will go ahead and start posting about their product or service (which is usually completely unrelated to what the community is all about).


What happens when a moderator sees a spam post?

It’s very simple – we remove it as soon as possible. Spam posts tend to be a nuisance and the forum team have very clear and strict rules on what to do with spammers.


The forum managers (Sean and Stephanie) regularly review the kind of spam posts that manage to get through our filters, and continuously update the forum database with the patters and keywords that only spammers tend to use.


What happens if I see a post that I think is spam?

There will be times when a forum member will see a spam post before the moderator on duty has had a chance to remove it. If that forum member happens to be a Community Leader, they will usually help out by removing the offending post to a dedicated private area for the moderator to then deal with.


If any other forum member comes across this type of post, you can flag it to a moderator for review.


To do this, you need to click on the “Options” dropdown against the post and then click on “Report inappropriate content”, as shown below:


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