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How to escalate to ELC?

Good evening all, trust everyone is safe and well if not cold.

I need to raise a complaint as I've reach my limit of being nice and patient with the repeated screw ups installing Fibre and constant broken promises.

I'll provide some background in case anyone has experienced similar as no one at BT understands what is going on.

FTTP Has been available at my address for some time, its confirmed by openreach and BT that I can have it.  Currently I have FTTC.

First issue.

If I try and upgrade my broadband via my account it never lists fibre as an option.  If I try and request a second line or a new line, then it is available.  Spoke with fibre support and they confirmed it was available to me but couldn't understand why.  As always, bounced around many different teams, disconnected many times the usual.. anyway, I end up talking directly to connections and they spend some time on the phone getting the order raised.  Order appears on my account with an initial install date of Jan 27.. bonus!

This order had to be cancelled due to COVID so I called up and asked them to cancel the order end of the year, which wasn't an issue and they setup a reverse order to back everything out.  The reverse order appeared to have worked and showed as cancelled.

Roll forward to the new year and I call up to again try and order FTTP.  Again, not possible to do it myself since the systems wouldn't allow it, bounced around many teams again and ended up again back with Fibre connections team who once again got the order on the system.

I see the order for Fibre 900 with a pending engineer date as expected.  The following day I then see 2 orders, the original order from December with the install date of Jan 27 and another order showing another install day of Jan 28.  

Jan 26 the first order still showing as uncomfirmed yet the router and hubs were sent out and were delivered.  I called Fibe connections to enquire which order was valid.

They looked at both orders and neither order had actually ever made it to the engineering team, it only made it to the billing systems.  They couldnt understand why.  My account showed that my Fibre 900 had been installed and my new contract was in effect even tho no one had ever been out.

BT totally confused by what is going on and suggested there was a corruption on my account and that someone would get back to me (they never did).

Following day another hub arrives as per the second order, still showing no date.  A new order is placed to revert my broadband back to what it was for billing and im promised someone will come back to me within 48 hours... of course they didnt call.

Few days later I call back to ask what is going on, but no one knows anything. I get a really helpful guy who says he will fix it and wont let me go until its done.  He forces a call to just get the circuit swapped from Copper and says worry about speeds later.  He again sets up the order and comes back with a date of March 14th and I am happy that this is done, he says this will be fine and the date will be confirmed within 48 hours due to Covid etc which is fine.

An hour later the order appears, it shows a timeline from order through engineer but shows as COMPLETED even tho it isnt. (Still showing on my account under completed orders, with it mid way through) Following day I called in to ask if what i am seeing is right.. yet again BT have no idea what is going on and again said there was nothing with the engineering team even tho i had a date and that they would again have to cancel the order and come back to me.

A week later as usual no one has called me back and I have no idea what is going on.  If I go to my account now, and try and upgrade I now do see FTTP as an option, but i dont want to cause more issues.

I really have no idea what is going on, no one ever calls me back and no one is helping get anything resolved and I am just getting more and more annoyed. 

I am fully aware of the COVID restrictions and i have no issue with any date i'm given, I just want a date or be told what is going on.. I've now got a collection of hubs and discs.

There is no point me speaking to fibre team any more as they clearly are unable to resolve this, or at least no one seems to give a damn about owning an issue... so i need to talk to a team that will actually fix this damn issue.

Thanks 🙂

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Re: How to escalate to ELC?

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Re: How to escalate to ELC?

Please delete the email address as not permitted in forum

the forum mods can't help with FTTP normally but they may be able to put you in contact with someone that can help.  I have asked them to see. If anything they can do and they will post here

the easiest way to get ELC help if mods cannot help is Google BT CEO and send email. Cannot post address on forum

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Re: How to escalate to ELC?

Thanks for the link sadly no current information, also removed the address and thanks for trying to assist.

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Re: How to escalate to ELC?

Just out of an entirely irrational hunch, I Googled elc@ **.*** and got a few hits but they're all so old that I didn't consider them worthy of posting, maybe worth exploring though?

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Re: How to escalate to ELC?


As I posted already you need to delete that email address as not permitted on forum

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Re: How to escalate to ELC?

Hi @MattUK, welcome back, and sorry you are not getting contacted back and your issues resolved by the FTTP team.
Do you know if the team has opened a complaint on your account?
I've sent you a Private Message with details on how to contact the Mod team and we'll be happy to chase the FTTP team to resolve these problems for you and own it through to resolution.



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Re: How to escalate to ELC?

Hey John, thanks for the welcome and thank you for the message.


I dont have an open complaint no, the last guy i spoke to asked if i wanted to open one, but with Covid and everyone being busy I didn't want to rock the boat back then, but having not been called back now so many times I think i will get one opened.


Ill respond to your message today thank you

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