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How to increase LAN speed on BT Home Hub 2 +USB?!?!

I have just set up a LAN network at home, with a NAS... which is where the issue has come to my attention. Basically, the LAN connection is 100mbs = 12MB. However, i am only getting between 2.8MB and 4MB max... WHY isnt this maximum speed allowed or available? bascially its about10 to 30 % of the full speed.


How can i configure this to allow full speed?


I also have a 500MB usb 2 external hard drive attached to the USB port on the Homehub.... now, when i view the the adminstraiton page it shows the HDD availble but i cant see it on my home network when view through windows. what should i do to allow access to this.



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Re: How to increase LAN speed on BT Home Hub 2 +USB?!?!

There are many factors that control the speed of a network.


These include

- the speed of the NAS itself as these vary a lot. 

- the LAN components remember speed is limited to the slowest component or cable. It is easy to have a bottleneck.

- if you are using wireless at all the speed is dependant on the distance from the router and what walls etc. the signal needs to go thorough.


In my house wireless g is not fast enough whatever I do so I use high speed powerline adapters which allow for streaming of compressed HD video to my TV. If I wanted to stream uncompressed material such as a ripped blu ray I would need a gigabit ethernet link and a screaming server but I don't.


There are loads of diagnostic tools you can use depending on what you operating system you are using and you can happily tinker for many hours but 100% efficiency is not achievable and 30% is quite a reasonable real world target. What are you streaming that is so speed sensitive most video files should work at your speeds? There are specialist forums on media streaming that discuss all of this in detail.


The usb connector on the BT hub is not fully supported but look at,1887,4020 which explains how you might get the connection to work. 

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