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How to move the router upstairs

Hi everyone,

I’m not sure if this question will make sense so please bare with me! Due to currently working from home I have had to set my PC up in the kitchen. This is the only place I can put my router as it’s the only place I can plug in the WAN cable. I’m now wanting to move my PC upstairs as working from home is going on longer than expected and my be a more permanent thing going forward. Any ideas on if/how I would be able to move the router/get a new router upstairs without having to plug in a WAN cable?  I need the router near the PC due to having a cable connected from the router to the PC. Thankyou for any advice! 

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Re: How to move the router upstairs

Simpler to just use a powerline adaptor/broadband extender.

There are various types to choose from, some are just Ethernet and some provide a wifi hotspot as well.,network-devices,powerline-adapters/11301

Yo don't have to use BT ones, others are available.



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