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Re: How to read next email?

Ok i will try thunderbird. I just felt if i was paying for a BT mail service it should be provided. It used to be lol
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Distinguished Guru
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Re: How to read next email?

Good! Webmail will still be there so you can check for any improvement but hopefully you'll have no reason to.

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Re: How to read next email?

Thanks pottyperson for suggestion re blue icon at top left - I had discovered this and it is quicker than going back to inbox, though still far from instant.


I'm hoping that the developers will put in a page through option, as suggested in the link I quoted before, will wait and see.


In the meantime am thinking of setting up another email which does have paging and forwarding everything to that one for ease of checking emails.


I use webmail as I use various PCs and laptops to access my email, so need to be able to get at it from anywhere.


Anyway thanks for helpful comments



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