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How to transfer BT Mobile Account details to new user

In January 2016, i set up a BT Broadband/TV/Landline contract for my mother. At the same time, as I share the house with my mother, I signed up for 12 month contract for a mobile phone. It turned out that BT made such a protracted mess of the TV/Broadband/Landline deal that I just didn't have the fight left within me when I found that they had put my mobile contract in my mothers name and included it in my mothers contract.


I would like the mobile contract that I have with BT to be in my name and monthly payments to be taken from my account. How do I do this? I have tried contacting live chat and their advice turned out not to work. If necessary, I do have permission to act on my mother's behalf and can answer the security questions. Help, please!

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Re: How to transfer BT Mobile Account details to new user

All bills must go to the account holder, ie the person whose name is on the bill, its not possible to split the parts of the contract.


All you can do is to transfer the amount to your mother each month.


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