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How useless is BT Faults

How useless are these people that answer the phone for a fault


my line went dead for 10 minutes and this was explained to the person in faults yet all he was bothered about was doing a test and because nothing was showing there was nothing wrong with my line and it had to be my equipment.


yeh -  i lose both my vdsl internet and voice line which were both affected so all my equipment is now at fault

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Re: How useless is BT Faults

So is your line still faulty or did it just go off for 10 minutes and you decided to contact the repair helpdesk to tell them?


If it is the latter then in all fairness to the guy it could have been a list of 1001 reasons as to why your line went off for 10 minutes, could have been an exchange or PCP power failure, engineer working on the network who accidentally disconnected your line realised what he did and quickly reconnected it, loop condition on the line or your own equipment, etc.


To be honest unless it is some major failure like a trunk cable being damaged or an exchange outage then Openreach, Wholesale or Operate won't report every minor thing that happens to all the service providers out there.

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Re: How useless is BT Faults

well my internet is still disconnecting - but by the time i realise and check it, it's all come back up so i can't tell if both the phone and vdsl line are going down.


and according to bt adverts they know when faults are on the line and repair over 90% without the customer knowing - so for my line to go dead for 10 minutes suggests there was a fault on the line and needs to be looked into, rather than just dismissing it.


the chap who took the call never even mentioned in the notes he has written for the fault reference number that i reported the line had gone dead for 10 minutes so i don't care if it was 1001 reasons it happened if a customer reports an issue bt should take note of it rather than dismiss just because at the particular time they ran a check the system reported no fault.


i had this with bt before and each time it taken them more than 6 months to resolve the faults - this time i'm not letting them get away with just constantly fobbing me off


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