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Hub 4 versus Hub 2

Hi all

After several weeks of experiencing dropouts on my wireless when using a SMART tv to watch films etc, and contacting BT to assist who changed the wireless channel, it's still buffering or completely frozen, no other users on line and approxamately 3.06 MBPS upload speed after using BT speedtester, hasanyone found the new BT home hub 4 to be any better than the 5 year old BT home hub2??

Any assistance appreciated.

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Re: Hub 4 versus Hub 2

The hh2 is now getting old and know to get wifi problems so if you are already getting problems then maybe an upgrade to hh4 would help. It is dual band and may help you wireless devices specially if any on 5ghz network

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Re: Hub 4 versus Hub 2

I have just ripped out my Hub4 and gone back to a 2 and now no problems of dropping.
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Re: Hub 4 versus Hub 2

I tested the HH4 when it was first introduced, whilst the wifi side was very good with a strong signal and the dualband proving very useful, the overall result was poor as it would not hold a stable connection to the Internet. After several weeks of use and frustration I reverted to my HH2 which is much more stable.

Just one other point though, my exchange was upgraded to ADSL Multicast a few weeks ago and since then there have been intermittent disconnections with slower browser page loads, I wonder whether BT reserve bandwidth for streaming now they have installed Multicast.
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