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Re: Hub 6 not connecting to VPN

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Re: Hub 6 not connecting to VPN

This worked, for me. I got tis information from support, from a guy who knew what he was talking about.


1) New Hub 6 set up, all private computers can connect to the internet and are working.
   However the work Laptop, shows it connected to internet, but no web pages being displayed.
   The only difference is the VPN connection not possible.
2) To solve this issue, do the following.

3) In a private computer, login to Hub Manager, type into a browser.

4) In the home page, at bottom  RHS, select Advanced Settings.

5) In th advanced settings, select the Firewall options page.

6) Enter the admin passwd for the Hub Manager, you can find it underneath the Hub 6 device.

7) Select the 'Configuration' tab.

😎 In the Configuration page, go the DMZ section.

9) The DMZ setting, slide to 'ON' from 'Off' position.

10) Select the Device, which will be your work laptop.

11) At the Top RHS, select the Save option.

12) Reboot your work laptop, and your VPN connection will be working.

13) If you reset your Hub 6 setting, then this information will be lost
    and you will need repeat this process.


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Re: Hub 6 not connecting to VPN - will this issue affect all VPN and/or proxy services

Turn on Port Clampling on the router webpage, This will work.

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