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Hub 6 poor wifi speeds and latency on download

Exactly the same problem here.

Speed apparently increased from 8 to 17 and hub changed from hub 3 to hub 6, but in actual usage it is far far slower.

One device browsing the web, results in other devices unable to even download a text email.


Open a few browser tabs at the same time and they all do nothing.  With the old hub and slower internet they would all open straight away.



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Distinguished Sage
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Re: Hub 6 poor wifi speeds and latency on every download

I notice you have changed the HH6 SSID to that of your previous HH3 but left the 2.4 and 5ghz networks with same SSID  many devices don't like the bands combined so have you tried changing the SSID of the 5ghz by say adding a 5 and see if that helps your wireless conenctions

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Re: Hub 6 poor wifi speeds and latency on every download

Many thanks for the reply.

I haven't knowingly changed anything, the new hub was on it's default settings.

I've just separated the 2 bands into 2 different SSIDs and connected the main device onto the 5ghz one.

Hopefully this will help, will need to test for a while to confirm.


Thanks again.

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