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Hub 6 - wireless drop outs and other issues

Got HH6 week last week and initially seemed great, but noticed a gradual degradation in terms of Wi-Fi connectivity to the point where I was about 2 foot from the HH^ and couldnt get connected.


Also noticed a bug from earlier posts where speed is displayed in kbps which seemed to self resolve to Mbps, I guess via a stealth firmware update.


Perhaps the erosion of wi-fi quality is caused by some kind of resource exhaustion - i say this becase even getting on the HH6 admin page via cabled connection was terribly slow. I'd tried splitting bands/merging them with no real success.


I've had to do a factory reset and now running firmware: SG4B100021F4


If the issues were indeed caused by a firmware update that was pushed out, I can expect more issues - but can anyone help me in terms of the various system logs - I guess FRWL is Firewall Smiley LOL but what is TR69 ?


Is frmu - firmware update?


I'm sure others are seeing this also...




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Re: Hub 6 - wireless drop outs and other issues

If you've not already perhaps try changing the mode of the WiFi and splitting the 2.4GHz and 5GHz names. I haven't found exactly what selecting Mode 1, 2 or 3 actually changes, but some have reported it's resolved their problems.



Are you saying the misreported speed is no longer there since the change to SG4B100021F4? I'm still on SG4B100021EC, and I see it misreported on the Technical Log -> Information page, but it shows correctly as Mbps on the Home -> Status and Advanced Settings -> Internet pages.


I'd be guessing for FRMU, but as far as TR69, this is the CPE WAN Management Protocol (CWMP). It's a protocol used by service providers to manage the router. This is how they push firmware upgrades, change configurations, collect usage statistics, reboot the device and so on.



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Re: Hub 6 - wireless drop outs and other issues

We have received a Smart Hub 6 which connects to our ADSL line at 6MB/s according to the hub itself. Bt line test also shows that there are no problems with the line.


However, we often get hours when web pages open very slowly or not at all download sppeds are in single digit kilobytes. I have tried resetting the hub but it makes no difference.


Replacing the Smart Hub with our old Hub 5 fixes the problem and we have reliable internet.


Is there a problem with the Smart Hubs or do I have a faulty one ?


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Re: Hub 6 - wireless drop outs and other issues

It sounds like the problem lies with your Smart Hub if, as you say, Hub 5 does work ok. 

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