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Hub 6A no longer broadcasting on 5Ghz



My 6A hub has been working fine on both 5Ghz and 2.4Ghz (bands split) until last night when the 5Ghz died. 


Router has been reset (a number of times) to defaults (bands split after defaults) but still no 5Ghz available. 


Hub thinks it is broadcasting 5Ghz but not.  Multiple devices not seeing 5Ghz SSID or connecting on 5Ghz.


Seems to be a hardware fault... How do I start the process of getting it diagnosed / replaced?


(I have attempted to make contact via both phone and live chat but not connected after 45+ mins.) 




Mark 🙂 

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Re: Hub 6A no longer broadcasting on 5Ghz

I had this problem and after factory reset using a paper clip in the back of hub for 30 seconds. The 5ghz came back
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Re: Hub 6A no longer broadcasting on 5Ghz

Yeah.  Perhaps I should have said I've been through all the normal diagnostics including factory defaults. 


I spent almost one and a half hours on hold today waiting in a queue just for the call to be answered. 


The call was...   well...  painful.  Including being told BT could test the radio signal in my house remotely from India...  Not the hub the actual radio frequencies in my home! 


I appreciate the issues with suppoting so many non-technical ppl but BT should be able to do much better than they seem to be doing on the support front.  


Anyway hopefully the promised replacment hub will arrive in a few days... 


BT Support,  go and sit at the back of the class. 


EDIT - Ive just reread my initial post...  I think I mentioned defaults...  I guess I was not clear enough. 


EDIT - Oh I forgot to mention that Live Chat sucks as well. 



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