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Hub/NAT Setting regular resets ...why?

Why do I have to regularly switch off my wireless hub to reset it?.

I have to do this fairly regularly to clear the NAT setting in order for me to properly use XBL, why?

My set-up - BT black Wireless Hub (2.0?) the upright model free with Option 1, less than 12mths old +Xbox360s.

Also sometimes I have had to to switch off /Hub a few times Just to get my laptop to work properly.

Windows 7 Laptop is approx 15mths old with 3gb ram.

It's happened again today - laptop shows connection - tried to internet a glitchy/connection - checked with the download speed indicator was all over the place 136/5500 and then stopped working - a message 'internet explorer cannot find wbpage' message.

Powered hub off for 1minute - back on - same but  'limited connection' showing in my wireless network icon.

Powered off again 1 minute back on - and guess what? ... its now working, connection working and also checked speed and it seems fine.

Puzzled, is it possibly another faulty Hub? or is it annoyingly 'just one of those things'?. 

PS. I have already been supplied total of three wireless hubs in past 15mths (swapped first two because engineer visits/call centre diagnosis said they were possibly faulty).Any answers please? Thanks.

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Re: Hub/NAT Setting regular resets ...why?

go to hub settings>advanced settings>home network>click every device connected and click always use this IP address.
See how that goes for every device connected to your homehub.
Let us know if that fixes the NAT type issues
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