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Hub Replacement



I was having problems with my HH3 going into loops of rebooting itself continuously. After contacting BT via Live Chat they did some tests on the line and were able to determin there is a fault with the hub. 

They ordered me a replacement hub and jiffy bag to return the old hub. Great I thought, it will be here in 2-3 working days.

Despatch day arrived the jiffy bag got despatched but the homehub didnt. So I went on Live Chat and they said there was an error on the system so they re-ordered me another one. 

That 2nd order was due to be despatched today but according to the tracking it was still "awaiting despatch". So I went on Live Chat to check what was going on. They told me its "stuck in the system" so they would re-order me another one!!.


At this point I'm getting really frustrated at going round in circles with this no-despatch/re-order situation, how hard can it be to send a parcel??!!.

Luckily at the moment my old hub is working (after trying another reset, holding it in for 30+secs, not just 10) otherwise I would have had no internet access for 5 days!. But its only a matter of time before the hub starts doing its constant reboot loop so I would really appreciate if a Mod could look into what is happening with hub replacement orders!.

The latest re-order will now not get despatched until friday so I wont get it until next week, thats if it gets despatched at all, and I'm not confident that it will!.


Any help much appreciated.



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Re: Hub Replacement

Last time they sent me a HH it arrived whilst still showing awaiting despatch, so may get there earlier than you think!!

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Re: Hub Replacement

Smart HUb finally arrived today and seems to be working ok.

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